Advanced Cover Design

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As you can see from the the below images, the difference in impact can be profound when comparing a basic cover design with that of a professional book cover designer.

Our advanced (pro) book cover design from $595.00 includes a detailed illustration or a creative photo manipulation. This cover file is similar to ones that top book cover specialists and agents charge well over $1000.00 for.

We are happy to share many more covers with you to demonstrate the amazing results that can be achieved.



Basic Cover Design - Artwork provided by Author.

Advanced Cover Design: Professional Digital Book Cover Artist/Designer

Our Price 595.00 AUD

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The Colour Code basic cover was artwork, as supplied by Author, and utilised by Designer as best they could. The Advanced Cover Design was completed by a professional digital Book Artist.

As you well know, the book cover sells the story...your cover has 2-3 seconds to make an impression on your reader, convincing him or her to pick up your book and consider reading or purchasing it.  In fact, with more than 4.5 million book titles available in print, the book cover design can be the single most important item in making the book stand out from the plethora of others, ultimately determining its success. A basic design is included in all packages (and many are quite happy with the results). However if you are seeking the WOW factor, then we would recommend the Advanced Cover Design Package.

The colours utilised, the type of artwork and even the size and type of fonts used on the cover will give the customer a message about what type of book they are holding. We believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is one ADD ON SERVICE that is well worth purchasing. This customised design will definately convey the right message that will sell the maximum amount of copies of your book. 

With the Advanced Custom Cover Upgrade, we personally communicate your ideas to one of our professional book cover designers to create something truly exceptional. Digital Image Art allows you to reach out and grab the reader and make them want to read what is inside. Just look at the below images to demonstrate.