Deluxe Cover

You can judge a book by its cover. If you want people to pick up your book / ebook and start reading it, you need to have not only an engaging cover but one that shows the story behind your book. Templates and basic covers can look alike. Your book must ‘pop', yet fit its genre and audience.

This service provides:

• Completely custom and original premium treatment from one of our designers
• 3 revisions allowed (i.e. work with the designer to tweak)
• Up to 3 graphic elements (photographs, graphic images, or visual treatments of text) to be provided by DIY Publishing or You.
• We will provide 2 design options early on before going ahead with the final design. We develop a concept, customise it and then refine with you.

We ask you to consider what kind of cover would draw someone in to read your book and we give you the benefit of our experience too. 

With the DIYP deluxe cover design service, our design team will work with you, incorporating your photos, graphics, sketches and ideas, to create a unique book cover that perfectly fits your book and exceeds your expectations. For Colour Books, quite often we will select, with your assistance, some of the interior artwork to work with for your cover, this always best reflects your interior of the book..

When we design the book's front cover, we will include the book's title, subtitle (if any), author name(s), and any additional marketing copy (if applicable), and your customisd artwork, if you choose to supply that to us. Authors /Publishers can purchase stock photos if they do not have custom artwork they would like to supply.

Note: Some Authors/Publishers prefer to supply a finished Cover Design and we are happy to incorporate your ideas, photos and graphics to give you a one-of-a-kind cover that fits your vision. Of course we will also guide you to achieve industry best practice in the process.

To ensure that any cover images you submit to us come out clear and crisp on your cover, please follow these requirements:
• Submitted separately from your manuscript as a TIFF (.tif) or JPG (jpg) file format
• CMYK colourspace
• 300-dpi resolution (minimum)
• Match the dimension of the final trim size, plus an 1/8" bleed on the top, right and bottom side. (i.e., a cover image for a 6" x 9" book would need to be submitted at 6.125" x 9.25")
• Copyright permission from the creator (artist, photographer, etc.) to use the work on your book cover
• Exceptions:  Should you provide us with sample graphics and other illustrations created by you (or others) that will only be used as ideas or guidelines for the design team, then these can be submitted in any format for demonstrations purposes.