EBook Design & Creation

Ebook or Print Book Design - Product Description and Process


This is an 8 step process and the service applies to a fixed page book design and assumes the text is final or print ready from you the author.(Click for PDF of Process)

A)    book designed for printing

B)     or linear /reflowing or fixed layout ebook.

Note: Should it require proofreading or editing we can supply this service prior to book design commencing. It is more cost effective to have a print ready file as opposed to moving to design stage and requesting text changes (which is more time and expensive for you). 


1. Design Conceptualisation:

We work with you 'one on one' with your document prior to the actual creation of the design phase. We listen then discuss and analyse your existing manuscript, author and brand style and assist with decisions such as:

  • To produce it in print only
  • To produce it digitally (and print should you choose)
  • The format and size of the book (we provide you with specifications)
  • Design brief - including who is your target audience (including reading devices)
  • Font selection
  • Colour palette selection
  • Image selection (if required)

2. Book Setup:

This involves:

  • Creating a customised template of your design requirements
  • Master pages setup
  • Selection of page size and margins setup
  • Columns or grid setup (as necessary)
  • Colour palette customisation
  • Paragraph styles setup (Indents, Dropcaps etc.)
  • Other format and style issues relevant to your manuscript

 3. Text Formatting:

Adobe InDesign, the professional desktop publishing application is utilised for quality control and efficiency.


  • Text acquisition is the method by which text is created (such as typing in a word processor) and then we import into InDesign - desktop publishing application.
  • The formatting of text is undertaken by you, the author, however we can provide guidelines to assist you in accomplishing this.
  • We are able to OCR-scan or type up hand-written text should you not have it in a word format.


Text composition requires many individual tasks such as where and how text is arranged on the page and how it is formatted, including spacing, indentation, hyphenation and type styles. The composition results between a professional designer and an automated software program that does not filter and adjust accordingly is vast and obvious.

4. Designing Images (interior and cover design):

This process, image selection and preparation, can occur at any point during the book design process. Utilising and working with images in InDesign professional desktop publishing involves the following:

 Image Acquisition:

  • Images may be high resolution scanned or via acquiring digital photos or illustrations online / photo libraries
  • Image creation & editing (such as artist / illustrators)
  • Image conversion (manipulation of existing images or converting slides etc)

Image Placement:

Refers to the methodology of inserting images into a InDesign - professional desktop publishing application.

  • Front cover, title and title page designed (adjusted for print on ebook)
  • Interior of book-images inserted and text adjusted for optimal layout and visual appeal

Note: These steps overlap in their application. For example steps 3 and 4 are often worked on simultaneously.

Author Proofing

The majority of the author proofing (your opportunity to review and comment on layout) is completed during this phase. This ensures the layout reaches your desired outcome.

5. Ebook Design (including interactivity and enhanced features):

We do not use automated software and each file is coded separately.

  • Coding to ePub and Mobi (KF8) fixed layout specifications
  • Video file conversion and placement (if required)
  • JavaScript interactivity (if required)

 6. Complete Book Proofing:

Numerous drafts and communication would have occurred by this stage however we now enter a specific stage of proofing the book in its entirety.

Draft Creation:

  • Draft PDFs are supplied to customer for design approval and proofreading. A checklist is provided to guide you in this process.
  • Draft ePub and/or Mobi files (ebooks) created and supplied to customer for testing on devices. It is complex to make corrections or improvements or changes to design and content changes with these files at this stage - so we request limited changes at this stage to ensure costs are kept down for author.

After you approve the design and the checklist is received, we move on to:

7. File Preparation (Ebook Proofing and/or Print Prepress):

This is the final stage and ensures your manuscript is rendered as a digital book and/or print book exactly as you requested in manuscript brief. The final checks involve:

Prepress-Print books                                   

  • Font embedding
  • Trapping
  • Colour specs verification
  • Imposition Final ebook testing on devices


  • Font embedding
  • ePub validation and QA checking
  • Meta-data confirmation
  • Final ebook testing on devices

8. Delivery of Files:

After your manuscript is designed, we undertake a final round of internal checks to ensure that quality standards are met. We then deliver the print ready files to the client for printing and/or final digital files for ebook ready for uploading.

We can assist with selecting or uploading to your chosen distributors.

Prepress-Print books                                  

  • Packaging of zipped digital source file(s)
  • Packaging of zipped digital files for uploads
  • Packaging of other files requested


  • Packaging of zipped digital file(s)
  • Packaging of other files requested
  • Packaging of other files requested


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